Eco Policy - SuperCine

The following are measures that SuperCine is already actively implementing. Since we want to continuously improve, we regularly calculate our carbon footprint and consider how we can achieve further savings in the crucial areas.



We use, as far as possible, only tap water and no bottled water

We don’t use single-use bottles or, if possible, plastic bottles

We don’t use pad coffee machines



We don’t print unless we really need to

We have completely transformed our entire communication to digital (as far as possible)

If we have to print, we print double-sided as well as black and white

Also, we only use recycled paper and sustainable office supplies

When lights or electrical appliances are not in use, we turn them off immediately

As soon as we no longer need heating or air conditioning, we turn them off

We have upgraded our office to green electricity

We use green web hosting

When ordering, we make sure to ask for as little packaging as possible, where applicable

We are gradually converting all lighting sources to sustainable ones

We only use rechargeable batteries

If possible, we ship goods only climate neutral



When ordering lunch or other meals to the office, we utilize reusable plates, cups, serving and personal utensils

We frequent restaurants that have committed to sustainable practices



E-waste and bulky waste is collected and disposed of properly

We separate waste into paper waste, organic waste and plastic/cans etc.

We don’t have trash cans under the desks as they discourage recycling



Whenever possible, we use only bicycle or public transport for our way to the office

When possible we always use train or bus instead of flying

We offset all travel that we cannot avoid

When booking hotels we pay attention to the eco policy of the hotels and book only certified hotels if possible

For car bookings, we prefer electric or hybrid vehicles